Friday, August 29, 2014

Blog Tour ~ Fragment by Ellie Wade

What happens when something so terrible tears you apart from the inside out? 

You become a fragment of yourself. 

On the right path to achieving her hopes and dreams, Campbell Stevens has always been a model student. The first time she lets loose during her senior year of high school, she loses everything. 

Living in a nightmare after surviving the most traumatic event, Campbell learns to be content by walking through life single and unattached, free of the uncertainty that relationships bring. She isn’t looking for love. In fact, she goes out of her way to avoid it—that is, until she runs into Deacon Montgomery, a kind and handsome Chicago firefighter. She denies her instant attraction to him, only making him more persistent in his pursuit of her. Despite her desire to be with Deacon, Campbell is too damaged to share herself with anyone else. 

Life left Campbell shattered. Can Deacon help put the fragments back together? Or will she forever be broken?

I just finished Fragment and I really liked it. It's one of those one with tough situations and it has to be done well. Ellie did an amazing job and should be very proud of this story. Campbell (love the name!) has a tough time. Not so much as her childhood even though it was great but one summer vacation with her friend Lexi turns into a nightmare. She was raped. 5 years later this has definitely effected her. She is completely broken. She uses men to get fulfillment but doesn't want a relationship. She will never trust a man again. Here comes Deacon. She is completely freaked out by him. She knows that he could mean more so she does everything in her power to thwart him. Here the thing about Deacon. He can sense something great and wants to pursue it. He does know that there is something stopping her from acknowledging their chemistry. Will Deacon be able to breaking her walls? Will Campbell trust him enough to let him in? You will have to read and see. 

I really enjoyed this story. I'm not suing that I like to read about rape cause I don't but I like reading about the broken girls or guys because for me it brings a lot of emotion to the story. I like seeing the guys and girls that are broken get themselves back together or really learn to move on. It can be upsetting but rewarding when all it is all said and done and Ellie does a good job with this. You really feel for these characters and just want a HEA. 

Deacons a hottie. He's sexy, persistent, and just very understanding. He had me from the get go. I loved his voice. Campbell is a good girl. I really liked her. I understand why he acts Te ways she does. She's been hurt and just doesn't want anything more to happen to her. I totally get that I wanted her to take that chance. Once she at least acknowledge something their chemistry was hot. It definitely burned the pages. Yummy!!

I really liked the secondary characters too and would love to see more. I can see this being a series. 

Honestly I enjoyed it and I believe you will too. 

Story 4
Sex 4
Overall 4 


Excerpt 1: 
“Why are you so nice to me when I keep pushing you away? Why do you keep trying? I’m broken, Deacon. Don’t you know what's good for you?” Campbell pleads.
“Yeah, I do, and it’s you. I want all of you, and if you are broken, I want all those shattered pieces, too. Please just trust me.”

Cam’s eyes fill with unshed tears as her bottom lip quivers. I grab her head on either side, running my fingers through her hair, pulling her toward me, bringing her mouth to mine. I feel her lips quiver as I taste her, ravishing her mouth. Cam’s hands wrap around my waist and she runs her fingers up and down my back. I explore her mouth, my tongue greedy to touch every part. She whimpers, and my dick throbs in a needful plea.

Fuck, I want this girl.
Excerpt 2: 
With a half sob, I scream into the air that's charged with the scent and flavor of sex, like an electrical storm of raw pleasure. I feel the warmth flush through my body and I lose my mind to the pleasure it brings. Deacon continues to taste below as he holds my quaking thighs. The ecstasy exits my pores, leaving my skin covered in head-to-toe goose bumps.

My shaking finally starts to slow as Deacon’s tongue mirrors the decelerating cadence. I breathe in and out, deeply trying to regain my equilibrium. My skin glistens with a thin sheen of sweat, my heart racing while my mind and body are in a post-orgasm utopian fog.

What the hell was that?

Ellie Wade resides in southwest Michigan with her husband, three young children, and two dogs. She has a Master’s degree in education from Eastern Michigan University and is a huge University of Michigan sports fan. She loves the beauty of her home state, especially the lakes and the gorgeous autumn weather. When she is not writing, you will find her reading, snuggled up with her kiddos, or spending time with family and friends. She loves traveling and exploring new places with her family.


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